How to Become A Professional Football Player

Wanting to become a professional football player, but don’t know what to do? Welcome to OnTheBall Blog. This is where we want to make you the greatest footballer you can be through our adventures, tips and stories.

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OnTheBall has been inspired through the love of playing football. Here at OnTheBallBlog, I want to share with you the ins and outs of the football world, my goals, my ambitions and the life of what it is like being and aspiring to be a Professional Football Player.

OnTheBallBlog wants to bring a side to the footballing world that is yet to exist. Sharing emotions, feelings and experiences which are all witnessed in the game so many of us adore. Join me and the rest of the OnTheBallBlog community in learning, experiencing and experimenting what the football world has to offer right here!

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Kristian Brymora has experienced playing football at the highest level across the world. Head to the about page to read more.