The Importance of Consistency

  1. What is expected

I know from first hand that feeling expectations and thinking about what others think can play on your mind. It doesn’t give you the confidence to do what you do best at your full potential. But what I didn’t understand but am slowly learning is that it is in the mind. Understanding that others people’s opinions don’t matter are when you begin to realize that you have so much more to gain and less to worry about.

2. Confidence

There is a difference between being arrogant and being confident. Being confident shows that you believe in your own ability, because at the end of the day, if you don’t believe what you can do, then nobody will. You hear many things about Ronaldo being arrogant, or being in it for himself, but at the end of the day, he is a prime example as to who I look up to, because believing in what you are capable of only leads to you becoming better at what you do and becoming consistent.

3.  Work ethic

I have learned a lot throughout my journey so far, but work ethic is always something that people always look towards. Work ethic cannot be taught. Skills, drills, fitness can all be worked on but work ethic comes from within you and only you can breed it. Working hard only makes it second nature after time, but it only takes you further and further because you will consistently prove to yourself what you can achieve.

4.  Establishes your reputation

Consistency is created through work ethic, this leads to creating a reputation and bringing people’s attention questioning what you are capable of. I strongly believe that I anything working hard and proving to yourself quietly will bring positive opportunities your way. Working in the shadows allows you to become a better you and in time people begin to see what one person is beginning to create a reputation.

5.  Accountability

Being held accountable is a way of keeping yourself on track. For me, that is having daily goals set, but not sticking to them like not working hard enough at training or being lazy with what I have eaten throughout the day/ staying hydrated. At the end of the day, it is only yourself that will get you to where you want to be, and there are no shortcuts in anything.

6.  Consider yourself to be a brand, makes you more dependable

Building a reputation is done through playing consistently, and just like a business, people begin to realize the value of it. Create yourself as if you were a brand, look after yourself physically, mentally and create a better final product, one which people will come searching for!


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