Don’t Sweat The Small Things

Don’t Sweat The Small Things

The past week has been a little full on because I was told I had 5 days to leave my apartment. Living in Sweden Hassleholm IF has put me in an apartment in the centre of town which made my time easier here to access the shops and riding my bike to training.

This week I have had to pack up everything I have and move to a town just outside of Hassleholm. Only having 5 days to move is short notice but coming towards the back end of the season was not a convenient time to be doing this. On top of this, my girlfriend came from Australia to spend a couple weeks with me. We had planned to see a couple cities over her time but moving was not what we had planned. 

My girlfriend and I were walking around town, enjoying our day and about to get some lunch when I recognized somebody from the club walking by. He had stopped to say that the club has some news on the apartment I am currently staying in. Some members from the club had been discussing my accommodation with the landlord over the last week and have had a slight miscommunication. I had a bad feeling when he had mentioned to me that we needed to talk about the apartment. Before getting to the point he had said he had bad news to then be followed by good news, and straight away I knew what he had to say. Being evicted was something I wasn’t expecting especially when my girlfriend was here. He followed up with some good news saying that I have something arranged until the end of the season. The miscommunication has left me with a little short notice only leaving me five days to completely move out. 

The good news he then had to share was the Australian working for the club had offered to  take me in until the end of the season. I appreciated this because it allows me to focus on finishing the season strongly, plus the extra few kilometers on the bike riding to and from training will be good for my quads. I am thankful for the clubs quick work to find me a new place to stay, and of course the Aussie who is willing to open his doors for me. 

It’s times like this in my journey where my mind begins to play on itself and thinking that the situation is worse than it actually is. Of course having to move isn’t the best of situations but things could be much worse. I have enjoyed my past couple months and focusing on my football because that has really made me happy and enjoy the process, so a small bump in the road won’t change where I am wanting to head.

Football is a patience game and along the way like in anybody’s journey, there are going to be highs and definitely many hurdles and I know that this will be one of many. As time goes on I have begun to appreciate the hurdles and not to sweat the small stuff. It is all part of a process which I know is making me in to both a stronger person and player.


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