Taking Positives From A Negative

Watching the journey of other footballers I am inspired. Everyone has good and bad days, even the best do. This past year I have learnt a lot can happen in a short space of time. My mind has encountered so many different experiences and had to think a lot more than before to get through day to day.


When I first left home I knew the road that I had chosen was going to be tough but I have experienced things along the way that I would have never thought I would be challenged by.

Being in shape and fit is one aspect of football but the mental game is just as important if not more important. Over the course of the past year I have learnt more about myself and how important the mentality of being a footballer is. Of course I have my bad days where I might not have the best training session, I might not have the best game, I feel sore but that doesn’t stop me from what I am going to do the next day. In fact I am going to do whatever I can to make the next day better. Every day you wake up is a new beginning and a new opportunity to start fresh.

I am going to share with you tips on how you can look forward and focus on yourself.

  1. Be grateful for what you have achieved instead of what you haven’t.

I know from first hand that at times you may feel like you might not be where you want to be but the future is only to be written by you. Like I mentioned before, everyone has an off day, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same. Be thankful and grateful for what you have achieved, it helps.

  1. Remember where you came from.

I go through stages where I am so caught up in what I am doing here I forget about home. To me home is somewhere where I can always look back to and know that it will always be there for me. I feel stronger knowing that home is home and it helps me by knowing I need to live my life and experience new things.

  1. Knowing there are people there for you.

If there is one thing I know there are plenty of times where you may feel alone, distant from everything and everyone. The truth is there are people everywhere looking out for YOU. I always know my family will be there for me but knowing that they weren’t physically here right beside me took some time to adapt to. This is where I learnt to live in the moment and to meet new people. I have met families and people both in England and Sweden that have taken me in as their own. All it takes is to look a little closer and see how many people really care for you.

  1. Focusing on one day at a time.

It is easy to get caught up in time. Thinking about the past, future, being worried about what is going to come next and I have found that this is what I tend to sometimes do from time to time. I lose track of what I should be focused on a particular day but at times my mind is thinking too far ahead. Each day is as useful as you make it, so don’t waste it.

  1. Most importantly, love what you do.

Time is wasted when you aren’t doing something you really love day in day out. It is important to do what you love that way you are happy with you. Not worrying about what other people are doing, not how much money other people are making, just what you do and knowing that there are greater things to come.


It’s easy to get caught up in life but it is important to sometimes take a step back and appreciate the good you have achieved because that is something nobody can take away. As Gary Vee says “Passion is an unmatched fuel. Add being happy to that and you have a wonderful formula for good health.” Love what you do and there will be more positives than negatives.



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