A Footballers Drive

Everyone dreams of being something when they grow up. There are many reasons as to why I chose the journey of trying to become the best footballer I could be. I had a dream, I was inspired and I wanted to prove a point. But most of all I wanted to prove to myself that I am capable of achieving something  I really want.


Every footballer has a reason as to why they wanted to become a professional footballer and all come with a story with how they got to where they are today. I had a dream from when I was a little boy playing football in the backyard. Growing up playing out on the street and down at the park I didn’t think much of it at the time but little did I know later that it would be my life. The more I played the more I fell in love with the game. The more I played, the more I began to see what football was really capable of bringing to my life.

What drives you?

Everyone has a reason for everything that they do. Is it passion? Is it a release? Is it money? To me what drives a footballer is the love of the game. Wanting to play football was what I wanted. Little did I know the adventures and experiences that would come along with aspiring to play professional football.

Growing up I always has a competitive side. Having three brothers always meant we were competing in some way anywhere we went. As I got older I loved the feeling of working hard on the training pitch. Running, shooting dribbling. I loved the feeling of being exhausted after training because I knew that it was only making me a better player.

‘When life gives you lemons you make lemonade’ right? Well, that’s just it when life gives you a challenge you grab it with two hands and take it down, well that’s just my opinion…  I have had a lot of challenges in my short career so far, too many to count but in a way, I find that it is what makes me keep on going. I have this weird desire of beating challenges that I face because it makes me know I am more than capable of overcoming any obstacles I come across. Every challenge big or small is a tick in the box moving in the right direction.

Positive flow

I always glorified watching our national team play. It was always an inspiration them play. It felt like I was in their boots feeling the emotion and feeling they played with. Getting older and now living what they once did makes me feel as though the work I am putting in will someday come off. Even if it doesn’t I know I have given this journey a well right go but that’s still a long way from now. I’m nowhere near finished. All I am focused on is doing my day to day routine because I have a dream and my drive will take me to where I want to get in time.

I don’t have the exact answer to what a footballers drive is as everyone has their own reasons to what drives them. But we do share one thing in common. That is wanting to become better footballers and prove those who ever doubted us. I know my drive comes from the support and love of my family but also to inspire others in taking that step and the challenge of going out of there comfort zone to chase a dream.

Everyone has a goal and a dream in life. On the road to reaching them, there will be challenges and obstacles and it’s up to us to find a way around them to reach what we want. What gets us around these challenges is our drive. We are human, we all fall. It is what we do when we fall that shows who we are.

A Footballers Drive.



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