What To Expect This Month

The past month has been noteworthy, intense and unpredictable. Later this month I will be heading home to Australia for the winter break. If I’m totally honest I’m looking forward to skipping the Swedish winter, that’s for sure!


Here are some up and coming blogs you can expect this coming month:

  1. End Of Season Wrap Up

Another season in the bag; more minutes played and I am feeling stronger and fitter. A lot has happened in the past 6 months from trialling in Poland to returning back to Sweden. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

  1. My Plans For The Off Season

Off season means downtime… so you would think? It is important to have a mental break from work. That doesn’t mean I won’t be staying fit.

  1. Off-Season Training

I will be sharing my workouts and training schedule for my time I am at home to stay fit. IT won’t be all football orientated exercises. It will be on a range of sports and workouts for overall fitness.

  1. Off Season Nutrition

It is always important to keep a balanced diet, especially when I am not as active. I will be sharing a couple of my personal tips and plans for keeping lean.

  1. Goals For 2019

2018 was a big year. Could I have achieved more? These past couple of months I have pushed myself, working hard and improving my game.

  1. Aussies Abroad

This is a new series where I will be introducing Aussies playing football somewhere around the world. We will be talking about how they have gotten to where they are today, the sacrifices they have made and how their journey is going.

  1. The Importance Of Down Time

Having down to regenerate and be fresh is very important. You are probably saying, ‘now Kristian you said before that off-season training will be harder?’ And that is correct. When I am training the focus is for it to be intense. When I am not training it’s about enjoying my time and having a mental rest. Mental state is the most important aspect of wanting to push harder.

Be sure to stay tuned because November is going to be a good month.

Let me know in the comments section what you think you want to hear about most and even drop some ideas of what you would like to hear about more.



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