My Plans for The Off Season

The season has come to an end and it time for me to head back to Australia to recharge and prepare for the preseason come January 2019. We have had the first snow fall here in Sweden and its only Autumn. I am very excited to be missing a part of the Swedish winter and enjoy some nice warm Australian rays.

I am somebody which needs to keep both physically and mentally busy. I have been working hard on becoming fitter and working hard in the gym to get stronger. I have constantly been reminding myself that the more hours I put in off the park the better you will be on it. That has been my mentality these past couple of months. 

It’s weird to say this will be my first proper break my body will have had in a couple of years. I am looking forward to allowing my mind to recharge and enjoy my time with my girlfriend, family and friends. My mind and body are telling me two different things at the moment, one is feeling the relief of looking forward to mentality switching off for a couple of weeks but the other is wanting to continue playing and working hard. The important part is finding the middle ground knowing what is best for your body. 

Taking a week or two for myself will be important for my mind to relax and not focus on work but during this time I will be staying on top of keeping fit through surfing, swimming, and a couple of other activities. My off season training blog will be out in a couple weeks with videos and pictures of my training drills.

Now this is something where I don’t think enough people understand what actually goes through a footballers mind. Yes of course doing what we love for a living is a dream in itself but what people overlook are the sacrifices that each and every one of us make leaving to chase our dreams. Knowing what you are doing and loving it is probably one of the best feeling you can have within yourself but not having that special family time as often is what makes the sacrifices that much hard. I know that my time back at home will be surrounded with catching up with family friends and just appreciating spending time with loved one. Let’s not forget being able to have Mum’s cooking for Christmas!

The beauty of having some time off is best for being able to have adventures. I know that I will be heading to Falls Music Festival with my girlfriend and a couple of friends over new years eve. It is important to let my mind rest because then I am able to recalibrate and know what my next mission is come my time returning back to Sweden mid-January. 

Now I will be having down time but in the back of my head I will be planning and processing my next step I take, next drill I do and most of all my next challenge returning back to Sweden. Being mentally recharged and prepared to return to Sweden is the best possible thing I can do to come back better and stronger.

Being a footballer can be tough but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If you can dream it then it is always possible. It’s time to relax, regenerate and prepare for next year.

My off season nutrition and training will be up soon. Be sure to stay tuned for some tips on ways you can implement these things into either your off season or just everyday life.


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