4 Reasons Why Downtime is so Important for your Brain

Over time you begin to learn that football isn’t just about turning up, putting the boots on and playing. There are so many different aspects which can be both physically and mentally can be draining overtime.

Just like in anything, there will be a point in time where all your time and effort will get the better of you through either being overwhelmed or burning out. The intensity of training over time, staying injury free, getting consistent minutes throughout the season, these are just some of the angles which can affect the mind of a football.

There are many different aspects to down time. It’s different in everyone’s eyes. Downtime is being able to switch off from everything and just enjoy being in the moment. The main focus is to allow your mind to escape and not feel the stresses and thoughts which happen in everyday life. Here are just a couple ways which I like to switch off;

  • Writing a blog (exactly what I was doing when this was being written)
  • Listening to music
  • Going for a walk or run
  • Watching Netflix
  • People watching in town

Now everybody is different in how they switch off from the world. If you struggle with finding that off switch, take some time to thing about what you really enjoy. It might not come straight away, but when it does life will be easier.

  1. How Simple Downtime Can Be

I look at downtime as three simple steps;

  • Energizing 
  • Strengthening 
  • Enjoying

Like I said before, having the time switch off will allow you to appreciate what you down more. It’s no good not seeing the work that you are doing and not giving yourself credit for it.

2. Benefits of Downtime

Learning to differentiate your downtime from work time I have begun to see and feel the differences that it can do.

For me it has helped me with both my physical and mental state. Remember having time to think isn’t such a bad thing, but having too much time to think is not good. I have a little bit of a strange analogy but here it is. I see my body as being a battery, eventually it is going to burn out unless you recharge it often. Giving time to recover from exercise or training is essential for repair and growth.

You may have realised that in a lot of my blogs I focus on the mental aspect of a footballer. That is because that is the most important part of our game. Without being all there upstairs, we wouldn’t be capable of doing what we do on the park. Switching off from the world is a stress release, there is always a way out.

3. Converting positive energy into something enjoyable

I always find it funny hearing people say ‘covert that energy into something’ but now I am accustom to this saying and doing exactly what they say. It’s amazing when you take wasted energy and put it into something you really enjoy doing. As I mentioned earlier is it important to make the most of your downtime and because appreciating time is not enough of us do. Time passes at every moment and a lot of us take it for granted. I believe that if you have the opportunity to experience new things in downtime it will truly benefit your mental and physical state.

4. Allocating Downtime

Allocating time is something that all of us do on a day to day basis. That might be when we want to leave for work, when we want to study, when we want to training. It is something that is bred into us from a young age and it is how we carry out our day to day ambitions. Our mind is funny in how it works sometimes. We could be lying in bed but thinking about something that we didn’t complete in the day or something that is coming up soon and not being prepared. One of my daily goals is to allocate a time, doesn’t matter when, to give myself time to breathe and just appreciate what I have achieved and remembering how good life is before carrying on with my day. Try it, you might just find how much it can change your day.


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