The Advantages of Studying Football

Football to many of us is a passion that we both enjoy playing and watching. They are two very different joys but as football does it brings a community together to solely enjoy something that everyone loves. I find myself being in two positions at all times, that is being a player and a supporter. In this blog I am going to share with you a little bit about being a player and really getting to understand the game from all perspectives. I find that this is a way I really get to enjoy all aspects of football while continuing to learn.

Understanding Teams

As footballers we need to understand that there are many different ways football is taught and played. Each team has their own individual style and tactics which are always subjected to change depending on the opponent at hand. Games are won and lost on the execution of how teams play. This could be playing an attacking style of play, counter attacking or defending strongly and breaking down oppositions when exposed. Whatever the style of play, it will always be to your advantage once being able to identify an oppositions style of play. Breaking down a teams football pattern play and rhythm will allow for their weaknesses to be exploited and defeated.

Football is a game that learning is inevitable. There is always more to be learnt. To me watching a game of football is relaxing and enjoyable, but at the same time I am watching how teams are setting up to attack, defend, take set pieces and so much more. It’s all in the finer details of the game. It is amazing what can be seen when really looking into what different teams do to break down a game. Football is won on mistakes. Where mistakes are made, advantages can be exploited, and like I said being able to identify when the weaknesses are is where you will find those opportunities.

Understanding Individuals


So, we have gotten to get an understanding about what we should be looking for when watching a game of football, and really breaking down how teams play. Now I want to share what I think as an individual what should really be assessed and taken into account.

Everyone has an idol or favourite player that plays in their position that they love watching, right? It’s amazing what we are capable of learning and achieving when really fixating on something we love to watch. I look at myself as a strong and explosive number 9 or striker who likes making forward runs, holding the ball up and being clinical in front of goal. For this I find that I love watching Luis Suarez and Robert Lewandowski. They play with a certain freedom which allows them to establish themselves in the game which makes them so deadly in front of goal. Both of these strikers are world renown and have shown this through their directness on goal. They really are the pinnacle of strikers in todays world of football.

Now it may be difficult to always analyse each game played, but that’s the beauty of YouTube. Having the freedom to look all different types of a players game, their movements, hold up play, distribution, defensive structure, these are all really great opportunities to learn something new and embrace the challenge of trying to recreate something professionals do. Now, trying new things never happen first time, in fact it takes hours upon hours of practice to really begin to see a difference, that’s why professionals are where they are today, by dedicating hours to what they believe will make them a better player individually.

As I mentioned at the start of the blog, there are always two sides to football fan and player. But the sole purpose is for us to enjoy watching and love what we do. Watching the beautiful game is a great opportunity to learn from people who have learnt to master different tactics and plays. Wanting to learn from those who have been in the game for long or have a better understanding will always put you in good stead for the future.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Fail one, fail twice but this time might be the charm. Always keep on trying new things because that one time it comes off will be the one opportunity you need.


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