What Drives A Football Player?

It’s very interesting when asking around and understanding what drives a football to succeed. Everybody has their own individual reasons as to why they play football. There always is a different aspect of wanting to play the game. It could be; love, passion, fame, money, or appreciation of the game. Like I said everyone has their different reasons for the love of the game.

I am going to give you a little bit of what has driven me for all these years stretching back to when I started playing football.

I was always a little ambitious and adventurous boy who started playing the beautiful game at four years old. When you think about it, starting at that age your mind doesn’t tell you anything else but how my fun playing really is. Growing up it was always afternoons after school out on the street, in the backyard, down at the training fields just really enjoying and playing with family and friends. 

Moving on and really beginning to fall more in love with the game, all I could dream about was playing in stadiums filled with people. There really wasn’t much else I could think about more than the fact of playing in front of crowd and being a professional footballer.

Still to this day my ambitions haven’t changed in the fact I still believe that that is one of the most amazing things capable of doing.

It’s passion, love, competition and so many more reasons as to why I have loved and still love playing today. The countless opportunities which can come from football just add that extra thrill to playing. A week ago, I made the move down to Melbourne Australia to play for Green Gully SC. A fresh start to football and also a new life experience, I mean what more can you really ask for. 

Now let’s get back to looking into a footballer’s drive.

Having aspirations is another way of saying what you want to achieve in football. But aspirations aren’t just made and filled out of nowhere.

There are so many steps that need to be taken to get from A to B. Have you ever heard that saying ‘read the fine print’? Let’s transfer that into the context of football. Like I said, things don’t just magically happen in your favour, there is a process which needs to take place to be able to drive you to where you really want to get.

In the world of football, there are so many factors which need to be focused on in an individual to really make an impact.

Being physically fit, mentally strong and physiologically firm are imperative reasons for creating a great footballer. I like to think winners aren’t born; they’re made. Made from consistency, hard work and desire to be better every day. 

Optimism and fearlessness are words which I really think aren’t used enough. Hard work and consistency are a key factory in becoming successful but being optimistic and fearless can create a positive attitude and atmosphere.

So, what distinguishes a good from great footballer? The great footballers are driven to create their own opportunities through being relentless and fearless.

The time and practice applied to creating a better overall you are what is going to make you a great player. Playing overseas for two years I really got a feeling for what it is like amongst a range of leagues. The top players train and train more to stay at the top. For players to reach the top, they would train just as much as the pro and then more.

To be better than the best, you need to do more than the best and really create a quality environment for yourself ensure that you are optimizing the greatest space for themselves. It’s inspiring to see lower league players being promoted to the first division at all different types of ages. It just comes to show that age is just a number and that the world of football is filled with opportunities just waiting to be snapped up. 

Driving yourself to be a better person and player daily will always lead to more opportunities and chances, so stay at it, keep going and drive.

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