A Winners Mentality – Do you have what it takes?

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Vince Lombardi.

In the world of sport, there are only two outcomes which are achievable, that is winning and losing. Nobody has the natural desire to lose, but others want to be winners more than others. It’s about making your actions stronger then your words showing that you are a winner not just saying you are a winner.

What is a winner? When I think of winner, I think, consistent, hardworking, dedicated, disciplined, ruthless, relentless, passionate. Winners aren’t born, winners are made from wanting to be better everyday. Knowing that there is always something to be improved upon. Habits are the routines of which great people make that create success in their lives, but they never succeed overnight, intact it takes years and years of consistency to achieve what they want. They create a strong mentality which wakes them up each morning having the same motivation as the last day, continue becoming better than the day before.

Being a winner is not only created and used in sport, it has the ability to be used in every day life. It is about creating good daily habits which can be consistently repeated time and time again. Having consistency in life creates a solid platform as it builds self-confidence and belief. When winners believe in themselves, it doesn’t matter what others think because they know what they are out to achieve.

What Do I Think A Winner Is?

I define a winner as being ‘someone who gives never leaves anything behind. They consistently give everything they have in wanting to improve every day. A winner is a person who is motivated, dedicated, and takes action over thought. I find a winner to overcome adversity and look to inspire others through their actions and leading by example. They create a craft through good habits, controlling all of what they can control and not worrying about things out of their reach’. – Kristian Brymora

Continually Striving to Improve

“Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.” – Shannon L. Alder

Comfort zones can be a very deceiving and easy way out. Creating a comfort zone where being comfortable can actually be the most dangerous place to be. Not for a winner. Stepping out of a comfort zone is not meant to be in anyway easy, but it is a place where personal growth, maturity and understanding begin to develop. Stepping out into the open can expose flaunts but a winner is willing to accept those create a strategy around improving themselves, making being out of their comfort a place where they can really develop as a person.

Transform Adversity into Fuel for Winning

“Do the opposite of what people would normally do in a similar situation”. – Christian Moore

After time winning becomes an instinct. A desire that is created by overcoming adversity and using that energy towards something positive. It is very easy to step back and hide behind mistakes, feel guilty for yourself or giving up, but not winners. Winners know that through their effort giving everything they have to change the circumstances, they eventually will achieve what they set out for.

Everyone has negative thoughts about failing, not being good enough, self doubt, we wouldn’t be human if we did. But by enduring these thoughts and transforming our thought process, imagine the amount of energy which can be projected into an area worth time giving. Mindset in anything is what allows winners to see through the bad times and know the good are still to come.

Winners Don’t Wait Around for Luck, they Create Their Own

Luck is an excuse for those who are willing to wait around for something to happen. Luck is not something winners wait around for. A winner creates their own luck through their training, eating, reading, mentality. Luck is where preparation and opportunity come together and 110% is given to create the best possible outcome.

Having the ability to create opportunities where there isn’t one, that is where winners are made. That is where winners create their own luck, through persistence to create something that wouldn’t create itself.

Note to Self

Everyone has their own potential and journey which will be determined by ones actions. Think of ways to become pro-active in life not reactive. Stepping out on a front foot will naturally create a winning mentality.

Developing a winning mentality is not an easy process. It comes with time, commitment, dedication and desire to fulfil ones goals and dreams. Having a dream is all that’s needed to in creating a winner, but it’s up to you to be able make that dream come true.

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Be a winner…

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