Nike Phantom Venom- The Best Strikers Boot?

This is the first and official boot review here at OnTheBallBlogs. In this blog I will be providing my opinion into what I think of the Nike Phantom Venom crimson, black and silver football boots.

Delivery of Nike Phantom Venoms

Straight from delivery, Nike present their Phantom Venoms in a slick sliver box with a black Nike written Logo on the top side. Surrounding three of the edges underneath the lid, Nike have customized the box opening by having Nike Football written in 12 different language which adds a nice touch to the design of the box. Straight away the aesthetical appearance from the box, Nike give a professional look in the delivery of the boots before the box being opened. 

Now let’s get into the best apart of the review, checking out the fine detail of these boots.  

The Look

The Nike Phantom Venom is the evolution of a variety of Nike football boots over the years. It can be considered a hybrid of being a combination of the old school power boots, the Nike T90 and Nike Hypervenoms with either not being created anymore. The Nike Phantom Venoms crimson, black and silver out of the box automatically deliver a slick and sharp design. The colour combination gives a great mix through the black being a stabilising colour with the crimson reflecting giving both a pink and red vibrant look. 

Starting with the toe section, the Phantom Venoms have a honeycomb pattern covering the toes having a textured feeling to it which adds to the touch and control of the ball, which we will get into later. The honeycomb pattern is an addition which is taken from the Nike Hypervenoms as they were known for their enticing grip around the boot. 

Moving to the inner part of the boot, Nike have created a 3D striking pad which is integrated into the design of the boot. The pad on the boot has been designed to add addition control to the first touch of the ball and to also maximize shooting power. 

The upper material of the boot is made out of synthetic material which adds to the supportive characteristics of the boot. Being a thin material, the synthetic adds to the rigidness of the upper allowing for some ankle and heel support. The important question is, with the boots having a simplistic and aesthetical performance, will they be able to do what they are made for, striking a ball with power and precision? 

The Feel

From the moment of putting the Phantom Venoms on, they instantly create a sock like feeling moulding to the shape of my foot. Having a wide foot, the Phantom Venoms have a great all-round feeling through the Flynit material in the mid-section of the centre part of the boot where the lacing pattern is.

Upper Section- The upper of the boot is made from a synthetic material which wraps around the heel on the boot through to the mid-section. I was never a fan of synthetic boots; however, the synthetic material adds to the rigidness in the heel which actually feels very supportive when running. It cements my foot into the boot feeling stabilized and locked in when changing direction and sprinting. The last thing you want to happen is an ankle injury, that’s what the importance of wearing the right boot is about.

Mid-Section- Nike have created a great design with the Phantom Venoms through the use of the Flynit material. Having a wide foot, I have always found it difficult finding a pair of boots which are easy to get on and not crushing my foot. The Phantom Venoms are a great boot for wide feet through having the elasticity and stretch through the mid-section giving space and width for your foot to feel comfortable. The flynit material also allows for breathability in the foot being a mesh material. It’s the simple features which go a long way, and I’ll tell you now, this is a great addition to the Nike Phantom Venoms.

Inner Section- Nike have created this boot to have the 3D integrated pad on the inner side of the boots. The padding is a contoured section stretching for the length of the foot to add additional grip and shot power on the ball. It is a simple addition to the boot which adds so much can add so much to the game yet can’t be felt when on feet. 

Lower Section- Being an integration of the Nike Hypervenom and T90, the Phantom Venoms lower section have a honeycomb patterning on them giving a textured feeling to the toe. The hexagonal imprinting adds to the grip in all conditions which is a great attribute for a pair of boots to have. The toe material is a softened synthetic leather which really stretches over time with wearing the boots allowing your foot to completely mold to your foot.

Overall, the feeling of the Nike Phantom Venom crimson, black and silver is an amazing construction of the latest boot from Nike. The thin material gives a light feeling to the boot yet thick enough for good protection against other boots. 

The Touch

Okay, so we have covered the delivery, the feel and the look of the boots, but now it’s down to the most important purpose of boots, the touch. In football the up most important part of a player’s game is have a good first touch. Without a consistent good first touch it can become a difficult game. But for that to be achievable, you need the right tools on your feet. Having tested multiple pairs and style of boots over my time playing, it’s fair to say there is a big different in a lot of boots. 

Once lasing these boots up, I could tell the immediate difference of the ball underneath my feet. The thin materials give immediate contact and control over the ball. The different texturing across the boot each has a different purpose or feeling when playing.

I have found that the Phantom Venoms have been designed to have a balance between being light weight, touch and grip technology, and enhanced shooting pads.

The Pro’s Tips

The Nike Phantom Venoms are a very highly regarded pair of boots which is worn by some of the greatest footballers today. The like of Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Mario Icardi and Gonzalo Higuain all wear the continual new releases of the Phantom Venoms and are sure to always prove just how much they like them.

With some of the most world-renowned strikers wearing them on a daily basis, it does show the quality and comfort of the Nike Phantom Venoms. Personally I find knowing that the pro’s wear them on a day to day basis says that they can be a fit for anyone of us.

Conclusion on Nike Phantom Venoms

With the Nike Phantom Venom crimson, black and silver being the latest drop by Nike, I find the overall standard of the boot’s quality is amazing. Have pre-owned a pair of Phantom Venoms already, another great factor I found is they last much longer than most Nike football boots. Boots can be an expensive investment at times and it’s important to get value for your money.

On a personal note, I have found that the Phantom Venoms are a great boot in all aspects. When being worn I don’t feel restrained from sore feet, blisters or any other issues.

The Nike Phantom Venoms can be found in a range of designs and pricing. The top range starts around the $290 for the pro boots and the amateurs can be as cheap as $70.

I hope you have enjoyed the first official football boot review here on OnTheBallBlogs and be sure to stay tuned for what is next to come.

If you want to privately get in touch, be sure to head across to the Contact Us page, or through Instagram @on_theball and Twitter @ontheballblog1.

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