This is What I Have Been Up To!

So, here we are, we meet again. It has been a long couple of months off from sharing my journey and all other sorts of information about the world of football. Now here we are 9 months on and a whole different world around us. It’s strange how times have changed, and we all have had to adapt to a different way of living. Last time you heard from me was back in early February for ‘Nike Phantom Venom- The Best Strikers Boot?’, and now here we are 8 months on. Strap yourselves in everyone, because OnTheBall is back and about to be better then ever. Let’s turn back time to the start of the year and I will give you a recap on where and what I have been up to this year. 

January 2020, I moved to Melbourne, rearranging my life to continuing to chase my ultimate goal of making it back within a professional football team. I had relocated down to Melbourne and had signed for Victorian NPL Side Green Gully SC which is known to be one of the most prestigious football clubs across Australia some would say. On a personal note I was very excited and felt challenged which I have always believed is a foundation at becoming better at anything. The transition to move to Melbourne has been like every other transition into a new environment I have had, whether that had been here in Australia or overseas. Challenges arose everywhere both in my football and in day to day life. But as weeks passed, I began finding my feet in a place I had begun to call home. 

Kristian Brymora playing for Green Gully SC.

The season had begun in late February 2020, and I knew it was exactly what I wanted moving forward. The playing environment, coaching staff and players were exactly what I need to improve my game and overall skills in my game. The beauty of the Victorian NPL was by the end of the season, we would have played up near 30-35 games. As a young footballer, playing football matches is all I need. Time in the tank is time spent working on my craft, football. We had reach 5 games into the season and as a whole we were off to a great start winning 3, drawing 1 and losing 1 match. And like we all know what has happened, at the end of March, the world began to slow down and change everything around us that meant football was to come to a standstill. 

At the end of March I had taken the opportunity to come back to Newcastle, NSW and visit my loved ones for the weekend before what I thought would be my return flight taking off Monday morning back to Tullamarine Airport, but with football being stopped, I extended my time to at home and make the most of being back in a familiar environment. 

One week had passed, two weeks, three weeks and still football was yet to resume. After many of you would have seen Victorian football has been shut down for the remainder of the season. For me, this meant that my time in Melbourne was to comer to an end. Now this may only be for a period of time, I may head back there in the near future, I may not. But what I can say is for the 3-4 months I was there, from the city to the team to the friends I made there, I will always cherish and love the experiences I had down in Melbourne. It made me a stronger, more resilient and determined person then I was before. This being another hiccup in my journey, I knew this wasn’t a time to slow down, this was a time and chance for me to step up and take the up most advantage of the circumstances of what COVID19 had created in our world. 

I dedicated time to planning out my training routine and making sure I would train like a true professional during this period knowing I will come out the other side a better player and person. I will be sharing my training plans and routines soon, just you wait and see.  I wanted to increase my chances of becoming a professional football player through hardworking and persistence. I decided to turn to the likes of watching and studying some of the best football players of all time and learning how they applied themselves in getting where they have gotten to in their careers today.

April 2020, I had moved back to Newcastle to rearrange and plan my next move. Really think about what my next step was going to be and when it was going to happen seeing how the world was taking shape. Not knowing the time frame of when things would begin top move, I made a promise to myself. A promise that I wouldn’t let myself down, a promise that I would become fitter, stronger, more powerful and dynamic. I was going to do everything in my power to give myself the best opportunity that once football was to resume, I would be ready. I would be ready to make a statement and continue to establish myself where that was going to be. 

June 2020, I had been offered to sign with local NNSW NPL Side Edgeworth Eagles FC. With the current circumstances, I looked at this and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to continue playing football. Edgeworth 
Eagles are a very prestigious NPL side who have won 5 out 6 minor premier trophies, qualified for the round of 16, heritage cup winners and many more achievements. They were a club which have always had a great vision in promoting young players and have always done very well every season end on end. It was an opportunity that I couldn’t say no to. I knew it was right because I could have the stability of being back in Newcastle with family and have the reassurance of being safe and taking care of loved ones during the pandemic. 

Kristian Brymora playing for Edgeworth Eagles FC.

July, August, September 2020, that brings us up to this present point in time. Here is a little summary of what the season has looked like for me and Edgeworth Eagles FC. It has been nothing short of a success so far and we are still due course to be minor premiers in the coming weeks.

Games  ScoreGoalsAssists
Vs Maitland Magpies FCW4-110
Vs Adamstown RosebudsW3-130
Vs Charlestown Azzuri FCW1-010
Vs Broadmeadow Magic FCW1-000
Vs Lake Macquarie Roosters FCW3-011
Vs Weston Bears FCW1-010
Vs Valentine Phoenix FCW2-001
Vs Hamilton Olympic FCW2-011
Vs Lambton Jaffas FCL3-101
Vs Valentine Phoenix FC W2-011
Vs Hamilton Olympic FCW3-111
NNSW NPL Statistics for Edgeworth Eagles and Kristian Brymora

This season, we have played 11 games, won 10, lost 1. Winning 8 consecutive games meant we had broken the record for most games won in a row in 12 years according to Edgeworth eagles. 

On a personal note for this season, it has so far been successful. The extra training sessions, long nights, early mornings, rain hail or shine had begun to show itself in my performances and for this I am proud of myself for. I have learnt to be proud of things I have achieve, and to appreciate the small achievements along the way, because without those the journey would be much fun. 

So that brings us to 2 games left to play, with finals to be played as well. One more win and that will secure the 2020 NNSW NPL Minor Premiers Trophy to Edgeworth Eagles. The training does not stop. The routine continues, because that is where the magic happens. 

You might be thinking, ‘Where does the magic happen? I don’t really see it’. Well my friends, the magic happens in day to day life. Magic is waking up every morning and knowing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the harder you work, the closer it will come. Everybody’s time is different. People achieve different goals and ambitions at different stages of their lives and careers. As individuals all we can focus about is how we are going to get better day in day out and how we are going to continually overcome obstacles to get where we want to get.

So here we are, up to date and ready to go. From this point forward I present to you OnTheBall 2.0. Here we are going to create an environment which can help young, aspiring footballers and all others out there that interested in the world of football has to offer. 

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