We Are The 2020 Northern New South Wales Minor Premiers!

So, the regular season has concluded and after 13 games of football and all I can say is what a season it has been on a team and personal note. This is Edgeworth’s 13th Minor Premiership which just astounds me in how consistent the club has been over the years and to be a part of just one of them has been a fantastic experience and a memory that will be me for a long time. 

This type of experience can only be shared through photos which really shows how happy as a team we were winning a trophy together this year. All the hard work, training sessions and late nights together were all worthwhile. 

But we are not done yet… with finals still to play, all us players want to go the distance and carry out the double winning the Major Premiership to in the Grand Final. So, the hard work continues, it never stopped and will not for the next couple of weeks. We are dedicated and determined to make an impact in NNSW NPL this year and mark my word we will be doing everything we can to make that happen.

Watch this space for what is to come over the next couple of weeks. I know this week’s blog has been short, but I thought it would be a good week to share an experience through the photos taken from the day. 

Lifting the Trophy .
This is Edgeworth Eagles FC.
Kristian Brymora and Keanu Moore holding Minor Premiership.
Smiles on everyones faces says it all.
The smile of somebody who has won their first Minor Premiership.

These photos just come to show what football is all about. Winning, having fun and doing it with amazing people along the way. Here is to the next coming weeks and for what is to come next.

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