We Are 2020 Northern New South Wales Major Champions

The past 16 weeks of the season had all come down to the Grand Final between Edgeworth Eagles and Maitland Magpies FC. The football match finished 1 – 0 to Edgeworth Eagles with Jose Atayde being the difference scoring the winning goal.

Being apart of a club which had been so successful in previous years, it was an amazing feeling to be involved of both the Minor and Major Premiership title victories.

Heading into the Grand Final, it was pure joy and excitement to be involved in a game like this. These types of occasions don’t come around very often, and that was all the more reason to enjoy the full 90 minutes of football and see how our last game together would go.

This blog is similar to ‘We Are The 2020 Northern New South Wales Minor Premiers!‘ where I want to share with you guys the same feeling that I had out on that field that I’m sure many of you have or will very soon experience in the near future.

To me, there is no better feeling then that very moment before walking out onto the field. I feel focused and ready for battle, yet excited and filled with pure adrenaline waiting to break loose giving everything I have. Being apart of the 2020 NNSW NPL Grand Final was my first final since playing mens football and I now know that experiencing something like that will give me so much more determination and desire to pursue achieving something like that again.

Like many footballers talk about, there are many highs in football with lows experienced along the way. This to me has to be a major highlight in what I have achieved so far.

To everyone that was apart of such an amazing day, I hope you guys enjoyed it just as much as I did. Playing with a bunch of boys like this, you do not find very often, so I am very happy I was able to share the season beside these guys lifting 2 trophies along the way and most importantly, falling in love with my football more than ever.

Football is a funny world that shared so many feelings. So, let me share with you some of the joys that football can bring into people lives, along with some great actions shots captured along the way.

These photos just come to show what football is all about. Winning, having fun and doing it with amazing people along the way.

To everyone who has supported Edgeworth Eagles and myself this far, thank you so much. We wouldn’t have achieved what we achieved this year without the players, coaches, staff and supporters. Like I said, This year was a year to remember, and who knows what is around the corner next.

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