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About Kristian Brymora 

Hi there, I’m Kristian Brymora. I am an Australian Professional Footballer who is tackling Europe head on and kicking goals. I’m also the guy behind (naturally).

My love of football stemmed from a young age, growing up in the Australian coastal city of Newcastle with my parents and three brothers.

I signed my first professional football contract at 17-years-old with the Newcastle Jets FC. Since then I have taken my football to the next level – testing myself in a high-profile football continent of Europe. After a year with Millwall Lions FC, I am currently playing for the Swedish team, Hässleholm IF.

This website is the home of where I share my journey along with others around the world. I write about my journey in professional football, other footballers journeys and how we have gotten to where we are today. I want to show younger and upcoming young players aspiring to be footballers about the challenges which can be faced but the adventure that comes with chasing a dream no matter how big or small.

I focus on answering people’s questions and what it is like being a professional footballer.

” Listening is the most important tool for moving forward. Listen to everyone and make your actions louder than words”. – Kristian Brymora

Chasing a dream is not mean to be an easy road. If it were to be easy you would be there already don’t you think? But that’s the thing if you really believe in it you would do everything in your power to achieve it. I believe that living in a world thinking that you can control everything is what stops many people from getting where they want to be. Worrying about things that are out of your hands is wasted time, valuable time able to be invested in bettering yourself.

I write about my journey, wanting to share experiences which I have had and learnt from. I want to be able to help people understand the things that happen off the pitch which nobody sees because that is where the hard work, upsets, and rises happen. My goal is to help guide people on how to get overseas and make a difference in their lives playing football.

I don’t just write about things. I want to be able to tell a story of what happens throughout a footballers journey. I want to be able to share the habits I learn along the way. In the end, my writing ends up being one part storytelling, one part professional footballer and one part human. It’s a blend of inspirational journeys and things that I have learnt along the way that has made me who I am today.

I share a footballers journey and tips on playing in Europe on and also share my personal journey on my Instagram @kristian_brymora. Be sure to subscribe to as there are many more up and coming adventures, tips, and stories coming soon.

I still have a lot to learn along the way myself, but I want to share with what I have learnt along the way. Be sure to click the “follow” button in the bottom right corner to subscribe and stay updated with what is to come next.