Boot Room

Welcome to the Boot Room of OnTheBall.

The Boot Room is designed to show and share the tools used day to day by Professional Footballers. Here you will find first hand judgements and opinions of Pro Athletes and what they really think of the football boots they wear in complementing and creating their craft.

Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG

Laser Crimson/ Metallic Silver

The Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG. A boot which should be used to its full potential and advantage. The Laser Crimson contrasts with the metallic black for a sleek aesthetic combined with the inner grip pad for finesse on the ball. For more about the Phantom Venom Elite head over to NIKE PHANTOM VENOM- THE BEST STRIKERS BOOT?

Nike Phantom GT Elite FG

White/Pink Blast – Black

The Nike Phantom Elite FG. The latest remade model by Nike presenting the art of designing a football boot with the comfort and practicality needed in performing on the field. The lustrous and smooth look is clean and classy, but up close and personal, the boot produces fine details of depth and precision used for the control of a ball between the feet.